"Sparkle Moments " Elite Mentoring for Teenage Girls

Family Day in DC -Dance Africa DC for Juneteenth Celebration were we paid homage to our ancestors!

Who Does Sparkle Moments Serve?

Sparkle Moments for Girls Ambassador Academy is an Elite Mentoring Program that Educates, Empowers, and Inspires Teenage Girls beginning with  5th grade and Rising 6th grade girls to mature 12th grade Seniors.  Sparkle Moments for Girls focuses on challenging and empowering young ladies to live above the status quo of society. We teach them the importance of having Self- Confidence, learning through interactive team building skills, self-defense techniques while building relationships through friendship bonds, sisterhood, and so much more.   


What is Sparkle Moments About?

          Welcome to  Sparkle Moments for Girls Ambassador Academy!

 An Elite Mentoring Program  that focuses on Leadership, Life skills, Character Development and Social Empowerment for Teenage Girls. We  provide Various Workshop Series, Exploratory Field trips, Community Service Opportunities, Shero Pink Power Self-Defense Training Classes for Mothers & Daughters, Support Services to Teenage Mothers, and Trauma Therapy Training Services to Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

 We partner with top qualified professionals bringing our girls the best resources, information, and education possible. Throughout our time together, our girls will experience and explore  multilevel entrepreneurial opportunities, and enjoy multiple Social Networking events and activities. 

Through Sparkle Moments for Girls Ambassador Academy, girls have the opportunity to build friendships and sisterhood bonds in real time. They learn  principal based tools necessary to succeed in life. We teach our girls how to take small victories and celebrate the power in their self worth. It is essential that as young women we learn to embrace our individual uniqueness; the  beauty of femininity and our personal self-worth!

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The Impact of Sparkle Moments For Girls Ambassador Academy

Sparkle Moments for Girls Ambassador Academy has had a  great  impact on individuals, communities reaching as far as Gary, In Chicago IL to Northern Virginia,and surrounding areas. The impact of helping families, restoring the relationships between mother & daughters, and partnering  with other community organizations has been extremely rewarding...

We are healing generations of women through educating girls one by one!


"You are an answer to this generation"

-Dr. Tony Brazelton of VCMI

"Being apart of this program has increased my self-esteem, and self worth"  I am so glad to be a Sparkle Girl"

-Tonae (program participant)

"The information, I received from this program, has increased my life tremendously" I am so grateful for Mrs. J

- Crystal (program participant/ recruiter)