A Woman Dedicated to serving Others with her life

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Jabrita Shelton, a dedicated and strong willed business woman, wife, mother, teacher, author, speaker, and servant  to mankind was called to philanthropy in  1997 during  her mothers near fatal death. Jabrita spent her life replaying the incident in her mind thinking what she could have done differently to save what she thought was the Strongest woman alive. It was in that moment that she knew she had a greater calling to serve others, selflessly, and that with the right information she could save the lives of so many.  

A Heart of Family

Family the greatest gift God gave and the choice he never left up to us!!! 

I was so elated when I was chosen to be a mother, it is the greatest love of all! Family despite the many challenges we face, is the closest gift to heaven on earth. Family is who we have when no one else is left. I love my family near and far. I believe  strongly in love, faith, family,  and marriage. When you come from a broken home, you only know what you don't want, it takes time to learn what you do want! The greatest gift is learning to lead your family from a healed place and not from a broken past.

My Untainted Truth

I am a "SURVIVOR", of what you might ask? Many of you don't know my story, and my smile may convince you that I have not been through the worst of IT all... Truth is I am not only a victim of Domestic Abuse, Sexual Rape & Molestation, Multiple Suicide Attempts, Emotional Instability, Child of a Substance Abuse Addict, Welfare Recipient, and Single Mother trying to make $1.00 out of $.15, Battered, Broke, and Ashamed..... I SURVIVED, and what did not Kill ME Made me understand  my STRENGTH. I help women that no longer feel worthy, understand that right where you are, in the midst of IT ALL, You are worthy, and deserve to live a life free of Trauma. Because of my experiences, and ALL I have survived, fought through, cried through, and spent time allowing God to mold me once again, I am here to show you how to turn your Traumas Into Triumphs!

Jumpstart Your Healing